The Scene has Changed and Life is Good

I am attending the senior experience through the University of Oregon in Portland, and about three weeks ago I began interning for an excellent public relations and marketing company, The Scene Marketing Group. They specialize in social media practices, but they also excel in traditional public relations and event planning.

Before you begin an internship you never fully know what activities you are going to be working on. Sometimes you hear horror stories about interns having to get coffee and copy materials, so when I first started I was mostly excited but a part of me was a little nervous.

I am happy to say The Scene Marketing Group is not one of those firms that contribute to these horror stories. Quite the opposite actually, already I worked on websites, contributed in client meetings, wrote press releases, managed social media content and overall have been graciously accepted into the Scene team.

For my current projects I am working on a new social media advanced relationship-training program that The Scene Marketing Group and Chalkboarder are collaborating together on. Get SMART NW is a local training course that will bring novice social media users to become skilled content managers and strategic social media pros.

I know this sounds like a pitch, but I promise you it is not. I got a chance to see some of the behind the scenes stuff (no pun intended) and this course looks like it will be a great tool for students, business professionals, career changers and anyone else interested in the great potential that social media has.

As you can see I am very excited for this internship and the Portland Experience, so for the rest of my last college term this blog will include content about my internship, the senior experience and public relations alike.

I hope you enjoy and comment if you have any suggestions for content I should write about!

Here are the social media sites for Get SMART NW so check it out:





About jedavis13

Student at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism and concentrating in public relations.
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One Response to The Scene has Changed and Life is Good

  1. jennacerruti says:

    I really like the idea of Get Smart NW. I think many companies attempt to use social media, thinking that just by signing up, it will help promote their mission or product. A training course is a smart way for companies to learn how to align social media engagement with their goals.

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