Using Different Voices in Public Relations

The most important aspect of public relations is writing. Through out school we relentlessly practice writing well. One thing that I wish I practiced more is how to write in different voices for different clients. This becomes even more crucial when you have clients in a different cultural area than you are used to.

Although they help me tremendously, working for The Scene Marketing Group I get to write content for a number of different clients with all different voices. On top of writing for different groups with different voices, all these clients are located in Portland, so they have the Portland touch to the writing voice as well.

Portland is sassy.

Coming from Eugene to the hipster land that is Portland, there is a completely different tone of voice.

Like all writing the trick to learning how to write for different clients is to read what is already written, unless you have a new client and can use whatever voice you want.

For instance, I was assigned to write for a women’s group and lets be honest I don’t know where to even begin writing in the voice of a women’s group. So, I read everything that was written for the group and began understanding the voice.

I don’t by any stretch of the imagination think I am fluent in that voice, but I think I may have at least passed as a lady.

If you are reading this and looking to get into the field of public relations, please start practicing now to write in the voices you are not as comfortable with because it will be very valuable for you in the future.

If you have any stories or advice please feel free to comment! Thank you.


About jedavis13

Student at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism and concentrating in public relations.
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8 Responses to Using Different Voices in Public Relations

  1. Jesse, this is definitely great advice! Sometimes it’s so easy to get stuck writing in your own voice, which isn’t too great for public relations. I’m sure with all the research and practice, you pulled off sounding like a women! Best of luck with your internship.

  2. jessimckain says:

    Stepping outside of the writing style you are most accustomed too can be a great challenge. I loved the advice, thanks for sharing!


  3. pdxsx says:

    Good post and sound advice, Jesse. Well done!


  4. mrblisterdundee says:

    This is interesting to me because I’ve struggled developing a distinct voice in my own. I’m always afraid of getting too lackadaisical, when I should probably be more conversational.
    I don’t know if Eugene isn’t a hipster land, at least around the University of Oregon. In many ways, I think Eugene wants to be like Portland, although it is significantly different.

  5. Evan Sernoffsky says:

    I dig it. I have found the same to be true with Portland. I do some blogging as well as hard news for my internship and there is definitely a different tone you want for each. Good insight.

  6. In its very own graph… Portland. Is. Sassy.

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