The Trick to Making Public Relations Clients Happy

Earlier this week I got the opportunity to tour the CMD Agency in Portland with the PRSA New Pros group. The tour itself was interesting and I got to speak with some extraordinary

PR pros. Among the great speakers of the CMD panel was Kevin Murphy, the director of digital strategies. He brought up an excellent point that was so simple and straightforward that it stuck in my head; do whatever you can to make it easier for the client.

As he said, “make it so the client can feel comfortable going home by six.”

Now I didn’t understand this at first and after a little explaining the idea sunk in and has stuck in my head ever since. For those of you who don’t know what this means I’ll clue you in. The idea is that you should stay one step ahead of your client and make their job as easy as possible so they don’t have to worry about anything at the end of the day and can feel free to go home without the chance of something going awry.

This will not only lead to a better PR campaign, but also a happier client.

The Scene Marketing Group

I thought about ways to make life a little easier for the clients of The Scene Marketing Group, and I came up with nothing until I had my weekly meeting with Shannon Pratuch, the CEO of The Scene Marketing Group. Shannon let me in on an excellent simple tip, and I think this is the answer to Murphy’s gem of a tip. Shannon said, “In public relations you have to be proactive and reactive.”

Murphy's Law

Again this might not make sense, but what she means is that you have to be proactive and have an organized plan detailing the campaign and be reactive to new and unforeseen opportunities that may arise.

If you can manage to accomplish this yin and yang aspect to public relations, you will fulfill Murphy’s key to success (maybe a new public relations theory?) not to be confused with Murphy’s Law.

If you have any other ideas to make your client happy please feel free to comment.

Thanks for reading!

Just because it looks nice.


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7 Responses to The Trick to Making Public Relations Clients Happy

  1. Hannah says:

    I enjoyed your post! “you have to be proactive and have an organized plan detailing the campaign and be reactive to new and unforeseen opportunities that may arise.” Definitly right on.

  2. evan1983 says:

    I love it, Murphy’s Law as applied to Public Relations. I think you should encourage your readers to, yes, confuse these theories. Might make for a good presentation one day.

  3. I toured Edelman with the PRSA last year. As you know, these events are both fun and productive–I was upset to miss this one. Thanks for the re-cap and expanded ideas!

  4. jennacerruti says:

    Nice post, Jesse. I think that researching your client is key to ensure you actually can be proactive. I think something as simple as updating your client with an email, even if nothing game-changing has happened, can put them at ease at the end of the day knowing that things are progressing.

  5. mjccreative says:

    I agree with Jenna. You have to be able to walk into that first client meeting equipped with the findings of your research. You have to tell the client what they need and reassure them along the way that they are doing the right thing.

  6. pdxsx says:

    Good advice, Jesse. You are learning now, what many people in agencies take YEARS to understand. Superb, post!

  7. jedavis13 says:

    Thank you for posting your ideas and thoughts everybody!

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