Twitter is Just Conversation

There are over 200 million Twitter accounts. This number is huge. There are over 200 million potential eyes on your company. This is awesome. This also means there are over 200 million other people competing for the same space. This is potentially problematic.

Among the 200 million Twitter accounts, how can you possibly expect to break through the clutter and build your following?

Well, I read a great blog post by Erica Swallow that looks to answer that very question. Swallow’s ideas are simple, straightforward and proven to boost your following. Her five steps are get visual, get physical, get personal, get inspired and get smart.

If you think about it, these are just the tools to communicating with others. In normal everyday conversation you talk about things you’ve seen, places you’ve been, tell stories you’ve heard from other people and teach others what you know.

This all seems very obvious but if you look at many of the company Twitter handles out there you realize they are all speaking with a corporate voice. Everything is my company this and our product does this, but what they forget is that the power of social media is the open conversation between the company and its customers.

Companies began changing their social media strategies, but many are hurting their own chances of their potential publics.

Just have conversation because that is what social media is all about.


About jedavis13

Student at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism and concentrating in public relations.
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2 Responses to Twitter is Just Conversation

  1. pdxsx says:

    Excellent insight about the noise in the Twitterverse. Well done, Jesse!


  2. I just recently created a twitter account for J452 in the fall and have just now begun to gain more of a following after getting use to it. This was a really interesting article thanks for the advice!

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