Which Press Release Outlet Works Best for You?

Last Friday I was told some great advice for writing press releases. Think like a reporter. Put the most newsworthy information first. Reporters do not have time to read a full release, so give them the goods within the first two sentences. Although this idea has been drilled into my head since I entered the School of Journalism and Communication, I finally realized how important this is. This tip becomes even more important now that there are less news media folks in the world today.

We as public relations practitioners are essentially working against each other to gain the attention of the news outlets we are trying to reach. The competition is steep and we are all trying to find different ways of gaining coverage.

There are email sites, press release wires, social media releases, email blasts and countless other connections to the media but which one works best for you? Which outlet creates do reporters respond to more?

Please feel free to comment if you have any suggestions. Thanks for reading.


About jedavis13

Student at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism and concentrating in public relations.
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2 Responses to Which Press Release Outlet Works Best for You?

  1. pdxsx says:

    I think the best release outlet you’ll find is building relationships with reporters and establishing yourself as a credible and reliable source for good information. At least I did.


  2. Jason Noel says:

    I have to agree with pdxsx in that building relationships with reporters is the best way to go. Initially if you haven’t developed a relationship yet, the best way to go would be to submit a press release through PRWeb.com. After you’ve submitted your release, wait a couple days and see what reporters pickup your release. At that point you can reach out to those reporters and start a relationship that way.

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