Event Planner Extraordinaire Make Events Look Easy

From my experience, many aspiring public relations students want to venture into event planning. I never really thought of what it means to be an event planner and furthermore, I never realized how difficult it really is.

I never understood what it takes to put on a well planned event. As embarrassing as it is, my image of event planners comes from the movies. I have no experience in event planning, and the only real experience I have with events is doing odd jobs for the event planner to help it go smoothly.

Thanks to my internship at The Scene Marketing Group, this last weekend I had a chance to see the final product of a well planned event. The Scene Marketing Group‘s Rindi Zavodsky, event planner extraordinaire, was in the middle of the detailed planning for Mountains to Metro, a nonprofit event for the Chehalem Mountains and Ribbon Ridge AVA wineries, when I began at The Scene Marketing Group.

Being around Zavodsky in the office I listened and was kept up-to-date on all the details of the event. This is where my image of event planning quickly turned the corner.

Zavodsky managed hundreds of people, made thousands of calls and worked countless hours to complete this event. She had to think of everything from the garbage and photography to finding the disc jockey, restaurants and site. She managed the social media, the ticket service, printing and everything else you could possible think of.

At the day of the event, I found it incredible that after all of her planning, the Mountains to Metro last Friday seemed as if it was running itself. It was amazing to see it all come together and that ninety percent of the event was in the planning, and the last ten percent was the event itself. There were a few minor hitches, but Zavodsky quickly saw the issue, found the solution and made the change.

After Mountains to Metro I have a new found image for event planners. To be able to think of everything you will need months in advance, and then have everything run the way you thought it would be is an incredible skill to have.

Although extremely stressful, the rewards of seeing your event run smoothly and have guests openly approve  has to be an amazing feeling.

If you have any advice, comments or thoughts about Mountains to Metro, event planning or anything else you want to chat about, please feel free to comment.

Thank you for reading.


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Student at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism and concentrating in public relations.
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6 Responses to Event Planner Extraordinaire Make Events Look Easy

  1. Melodie S. says:

    Thanks for this post! Event planning does sound as if it could be very stressful, but I can imagine the enormous sense of pride about the finished product.
    I want to take a moment to compliment your blog – it is very well put-together, and the information is relevant. Keep up the good work!

  2. pdxsx says:

    Nice work, Jesse! Like Jenna, it sounds like you really learned something useful during your internship that day!


  3. shawnah2011 says:

    Great post! I too have learned throughout the years what event planning really is all about… but am still inspired to work somewhat in event planning. I really wish I could have attended the event. It is cool to see all of us getting such great experience!

  4. mrblisterdundee says:

    You and Sarah Waltemire seem to be learning the more technical aspects of event planning. As I wrote on her post, it’s good to know the ins and outs.

  5. I recently helped plan an event at my internship as well…so FUN! I was debating blogging about it, but decided to wait until I had photos to include. (If you get photos back) be sure to update your post later!

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