Is it Possible to be an Upper-Level Intern?

As an intern for The Scene Marketing Group, I get to do more than most interns I know. They give me responsibilities that cover everything from social media management to writing press releases, doing design work to creating entire public relations plans to pitch to clients.

That’s right.

I. Jesse Davis. Intern. Get to help research, plan and create public relations campaigns for new clients or new campaigns.

I would have never guessed I would get to do so much as an intern. Before I joined the Portland Senior Experience, I imagined being an intern would be shuffling papers, getting coffee and maybe once or twice I would get to help read and edit press releases.

The reality is nothing like my imagined intern life. Everyday, I write press releases, media pitches, social media editorials, website content and every other type of traditional public relations work. I design collateral and help edit and provide suggestions for everything, and attend and contribute to client meetings. I research demographics, pull Cision lists and make calls to companies my clients want to work with and persuade them to join in. I do anything and everything you could possibly think of that most upper-level employees get to do.

Am I trying to brag?

No, I’m not, but after thinking about all the things I have done in this term, I thought is it possible to be an upper-level intern? I’m doing things an account executive and sometimes even an account supervisor gets to do.

Nearing the end of the term, my college career and my internship, I look back and am surprised, happy and thankful that I had the opportunity to join The Scene Marketing Group and the Portland Senior Experience.

For any sophomores, juniors or even seniors, do anything you can to get an internship. I know everyone tells you to get one, but you will be surprised how fast you pick things up and how far ahead of the pack you will be.

Thank you for reading!


About jedavis13

Student at the University of Oregon majoring in journalism and concentrating in public relations.
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3 Responses to Is it Possible to be an Upper-Level Intern?

  1. Jenna Cerruti says:

    Congrats, Jesse! I know there are some internships that make you fetch coffee and do the dirty work. Looks like you’ve found one that really gives you valuable experience.

  2. shawnah2011 says:

    I agree, before PDXSX I thought internships were kind of a joke, I mean I knew they were important to get your foot in the door and network but I never knew some places actually value their interns and get their own coffee! I too have been writing press releases and doing upper level work. Through my portfolio pieces I have gained via this internship, I am constantly explaining to reviewers how I have so many good pieces through and internship, I like the “upper level” term! Are you planning to stay on at Scene?

  3. jessimckain says:

    I agree there is such a thing as an “upper-level intern.” This is someone who is entrusted with many important responsibilities. The more you go above and beyond and impress them with the assigned work, the more responsibility you get. It sounds like you have a great gig, Jesse! Hopefully this will lead to full-time employment for you… here or elsewhere.

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