My name is Jesse Davis. I am a public relations graduate from the University of Oregon. The goal for this blog is to inform, discuss and comment on public relations news, ideas, blogs and everything else connected to public relations. Please feel free to comment and create conversation.

Comment Policy:

I have two policies, so for now pick one and love it! Thank you.

The blogosphere’s purpose is to create conversation, so please feel free to converse like you have never conversed before! However, thou shall be warned. What is written is read and will be responded to in a timely manner. Any spam, vulgar speak, name bashing, incredibly off subject, inaccurate ramble rant will be frowned upon and deleted.

Know that I will do my very best to provide accurate, relevant, timely, opinionated (with cause and facts to support), transparent, edited (and edited again) and respectful information.

As for any multimedia, I will cite its origin, and if it was of my own creation I will divulge any information as to the alteration that effect the quality or message of the media.

PLEASE NOTE: If I think of anything else or change something that changes the purpose, meaning or quality of the blog I will make a public note of the said change.

With all of that being said, please go and enjoy the conversations!

Song Version:

To the tune of Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show

If you write it, I will read it,

If you need it, I’ll respond,

But please no name bashing,

It won’t look good; you’ll be frowned upon,

I’m not sure when I’ll let you back on,

So please no spam or vulgar language.

Go feel free to converse,

This blogosphere is your universe,

So please indulge in conversation,

Anything I write will be written right,

I’ll go ahead and cite everything in sight,

So please comment if you find an error,

I will fix it quick, make a note of it,

I’ll be transparent and accurate,

So please follow these instructions,

Thank you for your time, listening to this rhyme,

And I hope you find, everything’s in line,

So please enjoy the conversation!


4 Responses to Jesse

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  2. Oh Jesse, you’re so creative! If only I knew what song that was. Any-who, nice blog policy!

  3. Shan Anderson says:

    Keep up the good work. Your words are showing up on my radar and that is a good thing.

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